Questions to consider

As I wonder about how we will grow as we come out of the Great Recession, I wonder who is right.  Many will tell you that the suburbs and exurbs are dead because intown areas of large metro cities are experiencing tremebetween 184 + Paul propertyndous growth.  Others will tell you that the suburbs and exurbs are actually adding more total numbers in terms of population.  I think they are both right.  I think both statements are true but I also think that the growth in the suburbs and exurbs will begin to look more like the higher density, mixed use developments seen in the larger cities.  This should lead to better communities that can cut down on miles driven.  Could this suburban site be transformed into a mixed use project.

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  1. juriUs says:

    Leaders would do well to consider the following five questions. Formulating thoughtful answers to these questions will help equip them for what lies ahead.

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