My name is George Baker and in the beginning I set up this blog to understand New Urbanism and how it should fit into development patterns.  We will still discuss New Urbansim, but I wanted to expand the scope of this blog to include other general real estate issues.

I am a commercial real estate agent, investor and developer.  My career started in 1995 and almost from the beginning I have been interested in the New Urbanism design.  I have studied many New Urbanism projects and been to seminars from California to Washington, D. C. to study this trend.  I believe New Urbanism is a great development choice but I do not believe that New Urbanism or any type of development is the silver bullet to our growth problems.  I am open minded and seek input about New Urbanism and Suburban development.  There are no Phd’s or any planning degrees hanging on my wall, just practical real estate development experience and I wish to understand more fully where, when and how New Urbanism should be implemented.  Economic feasibility should be one of the main points at the forefront of this discussion because without economic viability all other points are of little or no practical value.  Also of utmost importance is consumer choice.  We must all be willing to understand consumer choice and the fact that there are many who choose very deliberately to live a suburban lifestyle.