Are New Urbanists open to opposing ideas?

I ask this question “Are New Urbanists open to opposing ideas?” because it seems as if they are not.  Please take the time to read the article at  This article talks about the difference in New Urbanists and a new group of theorists the Landscape Urbanists.  The main difference in their thinking is that New Urbanists believe the built environment and its design is the most important aspect of planning – that a design promoting high densities and walkable communities should be the most important factor.  The Landscape Urbanists believe that the environment should be the most important aspect in planning and that the environment should weave into any development – that the environment should be the number one factor in planning, not the design of the built environment.   

While both of these ideas seem plausible, and even possible to be implemented together, they seem to be at great odds and the attitude of one particular New Urbanist, Andres Duany, is arrogant and belittling.  In this article Duanny is quoted the following in terms of talking about viewing a video of a Landscape Urbanist “We criticized it and called out all the contradictions, and we laughed and made fun of him.”   

I would love to hear anyones thoughts concerning this article.

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