We can blend New Urbanism and Suburbanism.

I definitely think we can add elements of New Urbanism and Suburbanism to create a much more functional, pedestrian friendly, aesthetically pleasing and auto accomodating project.  This, in my opinion can be seen in many developments that have already been built.  The aerial in this post is of Vickery Village in Cumming, GA.  Cumming is a wealthy northern suburb of Atlanta, GA. 

Vickery was developed as a New Urbanism alternative in the suburban world of North Atlanta.  The developers, in my opinion, have done the best job of creating a project that has great looking buildings – commercial and residential.  They also have created an environment that is pedestrian friendly with great amenities.  If you look closely at the aerial you will notice that the town village that fronts on Post Rd. has parking in the front.  Not all of the parking is in the front – overflow parking, probably required by county regulations, is provided to the rear of the village.  However, there is ample parking in front of the village. 

In my opinion, this project has done the best job of creating a pedestrian friendly town center development that integrates the parking in the front.  Most businesses demand that parking be in the front for many reasons.  I could name the reasons but for a project to be successful you only need to know one – the tenants want some parking in the front.

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