East Village – 8/4/2011


One thing we are paying careful attention to in East Village is the design of the project.  We are in the process of designing and developing the Town Center in front of the government building.  We have 2 large office users contemplating locating here and we are in talks with some other office users and restaurants.  The further along we get the more I realize that proper planning is of the utmost concern.  To make the town center more aesthetically pleasing, we built a master detention pond to the bottom and right of the Walton County govt building.  We and the county worked together to do this because the county needed future detention expansion for thier future needs.  We came up with a plan to enlarge the county’s existing detention pond onto our property and this enlarged detention pond will serve the county building plus our entire town center.  Not only does this look better but it is a benefit to future residents of the town center because they will not have to build on site detention when they buy a site – the detenton has already been handled for them. 

Even at this early stage, there have been planning items we wish we could have done differently but overall we are pleased with the direction the project is moving. 


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