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East Village beginnings

East Village is a mixed use development in Monroe, GA that is being developed on my family’s farm.  There have been a few additions since the aerial shown here but this is basically what the property looks like today.  As … Continue reading

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One of Wikipedia’s definitions of success is “achievment of an objective/goal. So if we want to know if a project is succesful whether it be New Urbanism or Suburbanism, we have to define first what the object/goal is.  My observation … Continue reading

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Definition of New Urbanim & Suburbanization

Wikipedia defines New Urbanism as “an urban design movement, which promotes walkable neighborhoods that contain a range of housing and job types.  It arose in the United States in the eary 1980’s, and has gradually continued to reform many aspects … Continue reading

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Hello Again

I started this blog at the beginning of 2011 and have not kept up with the posts.  It is now late July 2011 and I am back.  This time I will keep up with the posts and hope that you … Continue reading

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